Transmission Repair

Problems That You May Encounter with a Rebuilt Transmission

The transmission is a system that is very similar from one vehicle to another. Therefore, no matter what type of vehicle that you drive, you can experience issues with a rebuilt transmission. Of course, depending on the exact age, make, and model, the type and severity of the problem will vary. If the transmission in your vehicle has been rebuilt and you are having problems, come see us at Twin Transmission near Matthews, NC, for a transmission repair.

As a prime example, fluid can leak with a rebuilt transmission. As a result, your vehicle would have all kinds of problems. Typically, this kind of leak is the result of worn-out valves, although there can be other causes, as well. If your vehicle leaks any fluid, you need to have it checked before the problem turns into a major repair and expense.

Gears that slip are something else that you may notice with a rebuilt transmission. In this case, one or more gears would slip while driving. As imagined, this is not only frustrating but potentially dangerous. Therefore, if your vehicle has a rebuilt transmission and the gears are slipping, you can assume that something serious is going on, prompting you to have the vehicle checked immediately.

A vehicle with a rebuilt transmission may also jerk when driving. For whatever reason, some people continue driving, which only causes more problems to develop. If you notice your vehicle jerking or stuttering, there is not enough power going to the wheels. Therefore, it is imperative that you have this serious problem addressed quickly.

Probably one of the most frightening things is seeing the check engine light illuminate. If you are like most people, you will instantly think that something major has happened. While this light can indicate a big problem, it can also signify something minor. By bringing your vehicle to us for transmission repair in Matthews, NC, we can run professional diagnostic testing to determine the real issue.

You may discover that your vehicle will not turn, even though you have the wheels correctly turned. As expected, you would not be able to park, but you would also find that driving is extremely difficult. This, too, is a common problem with a rebuilt transmission and something that needs to be repaired by a professional mechanic.

If you suspect that something is going on with your rebuilt transmission based on the information provided, we would love the opportunity to perform a diagnosis, followed by making the appropriate repair. Remember, by getting your vehicle checked and repaired quickly, there is a good chance that the issue can be corrected without it costing a fortune.

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