Transmission Rebuild

The Best Ways to Prevent Some of the Most Common Transmission Problems

People talk openly about vehicle engines, brakes, and other systems and components, yet few talk about the transmission. Because of a lack of discussion and even education, many people continue driving their vehicle when a problem exists, only for the transmission to fail. Fortunately, by knowing some of the signs that there is something wrong, you can avoid major repairs. The bottom line is that a small amount of prevention will go a long way in saving your transmission.

For one thing, look on the ground where you normally park your vehicle. You want to pay attention to any dark-colored stains or standing fluid. If you see one or the other, this could be a sign that your vehicle’s transmission is leaking. In that situation, you should bring your vehicle to us at Twin Transmission near Matthews, NC, right away so that we can make a proper diagnosis and repair the problem.

You definitely want to have the fluid in your transmission changed frequently. Now, every automotive manufacturer has a recommended schedule for this, but because only 65% of the fluid is actually changed as part of maintenance, you should have the fluid drained and replaced more often. If transmission fluid gets old, it can begin to burn or it no longer lubricates the transmission as needed. As a result, all types of problems can develop.

It is also important that you never try to shift the gear of your vehicle into park or reverse when moving forward. By doing this, the vehicle will lurch. This may also cause the gears to start grinding, which is never good.

Something else to consider is that at no time should you force the gears to shift. Although you might be in a hurry, make it a habit to keep one foot on the brake when shifting gears. This will help you shift properly so that no mechanical force is applied to the gears themselves.

Although all vehicles can develop transmission-related issues, some makes and models are more prone to problems than others are. At Twin Transmission, we make an effort to do everything possible to fix all types of problems associated with transmissions. We understand that being without a vehicle is tough, and for that reason, our mechanics will go out of their way to provide you with exceptional service every time.

We take pride in the type and level of mechanic work and customer service provided to every customer. That means that for every transmission repair in Matthews, NC, the work will be done correctly and the customer will be valued.

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