2004 Ford Explorer Transmission Rebuild | Matthews NC

2004 Ford Explorer Transmission Rebuild | Matthews NC

2004 Ford Explorer Transmission Rebuild | Matthews NC

When your transmission seems to be failing, you could either replace it completely or repair it. In order to save money, you can get the transmission rebuilt by an expert and skilled mechanic. As the best transmission repair and transmission rebuild shop in Matthews NC, we can easily rebuild your Ford Explorer Transmission. Our transmission rebuilds are not just affordable but there is little down time, giving you less inconvenience. Call us at 704-821-3460 about your Ford Explorer Transmission Rebuild.


What causes a 2004 Ford Explorer Transmission to fail?
The most common symptom that is a sign your 2004 Ford Explorer transmission needs a rebuild is trouble shifting, hard shifting and transmission slipping.

Transmission Slipping can be caused by several things. The first cause is low transmission fluid, but if your transmission is ready for a rebuild, there will be other signs associated to the slipping problem. When your transmission clutches are slipping, excessive heat is given off causing the transmission fluid to have a “burnt” smell. Due to this heat, many other parts inside the transmission that are aluminum or plastic break easily due to this heat. Transmission slipping is a huge issue since it only causes more damage the more it is left alone, eventually causes a complete transmission failure.

Here are some common symptoms that your 2004 Ford Explorer Transmission needs a Transmission Rebuild:

* Trouble Shifting – Problems include the gears are hard to shift, transmission does not engage in gears (such as reverse or forward), shifter won’t align properly
* Gears are slipping – Gears slipping even at low speeds and on corners
* Transmission takes too long to engage gears
* Transmission Solenoid problems
* O/D Light is Flashing
* Vibration or noises while driving

How will a Transmission Rebuild fix my 2004 Ford Explorer Transmission?

A complete 2004 Ford Explorer Transmission Rebuild will restore your transmission to proper standards. When a transmission rebuild is performed, your 2004 Ford Explorer transmission is removed from the vehicle and disessembled. Each part is carefully removed, cleaned and inspected for damage. Broken and worn parts are replaced as needed before the transmission is rebuild. New fluids are added, the transmission is tested and then reinstalled to your vehicle. A transmission rebuild is very necessary to extend the life of your car and allow it to hold resale value.

Is your 2004 Ford Explorer Transmission in need of a transmission rebuild? Call us today and save $200 on your transmission rebuild price by mentioning this blog article. We offer Free Towing to most areas around and in Matthews NC. 0% Financing is available as well as discounted rental cars. Most transmission rebuilds are completed in 1 – 3 days. Call us at 704-821-3460.

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